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T3 Collect is all about Specialist
Debt Recovery.

Our ethos is to enable utility, telecom and other credit providers to manage and recover outstanding liabilities (debt). Management of outbound multi-channel collections and debt litigation are all part of the complete and compliant range we provide for our debt management services.

Modern skills, knowledge, experience and current data intelligence tools enable us to apply the correct process to a debt portfolio, achieving the best results. This provides us with the acute ability to control part of or all the stages of the debt recovery process as required.

We are all about treating customers fairly and achieve this by exceptional, continuous training and the skilful selection of our teams. Our mission is to initiate lasting client relationships, yet be compliant and effective in the debt recovery process. Creditors are therefore able to manage and recover debt efficiently and professionally.

The proficient and extraordinary standard of service provided by the Account Management and Client Services Teams make T3 Collect the complete entity for intelligent debt recovery.




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Services Offered

Debt Collection

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